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Alisia here with Nathan and Natalie for N&N Cakes! A few years ago, I decided to leave corporate America behind and take a stab at this baking thing. 

Growing up as an Asian American in the south, I have been able to enjoy so many yummy treats. These wonderful baked goods have amazingly influenced my creations. By specializing in Pandan (a leaf that carries a beautiful aroma, known for it's health benefits) and Taro (an asian root, similar to ube but not as sweet), I have been able to merge the not too sweet desserts and the comfort of a southern cake into one. With each bite, you'll be anticipating your next slice. 

Days over here are always a little crazy. If there's not a cake in our home oven or being iced, we are homeschooling, playing sports or soaking up the sun in the pool. The joy of baking from our loving home kitchen has been wonderful and we cannot wait to share some of this with you.

With so much love,

-Alisia, Nathan and Natalie


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